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    Question WinXP Hack'n'Learn

    Hello, i have never posted here, but ive been interrested in Hacking for a few years now..At heart i am a phreaker, with 5 years of field experience to base things off of...
    I had come here to brauden my horizons of security of all kinds. I am highly skilled in the production of computers, installing hardware and software information.

    If anyone could instruct me on how to set my sytem/network to be able to be hacked, and have an experienced person compleat the tast, and leave a note on what he had done to get it. I am extreamly inttrested on how this type of computer security works. I am more specilised in phreaking switches, red-boxing, beige boxing, PBX hacks, VMS, and phone cards...

    If anyone who truly would infiltrate my computer (non-destructivly) leave a txt of the information and get out, in an attempt at a serious study and work of computer security.

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    You're asking someone to compromise your system?
    Isn't that a bit nuts?
    You say you have never posted here before and yet you trust one of us to 'infiltrate' you system?!?

    If you're really interested in how computer security works, i would strongly recommend reading a few books and searching Google.

    Just a thought!


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    hey welcome to AO [BWPA]Lor_3n[Z]o so let me get this straight you're wanting to set up a computer on your network to crack
    well if your wanting a challenge for your self download linux try www.linuxiso.org and download one of the distro's they have there.So im guessing you have a spare box for this ? and also check your modems that you will be using for compatibility try here www.linmodems.org and if your modems listed download the apropriate drivers
    ok when you download linux burn the iso images on to a few disks here's a tutorial writen by Rewandythal

    ok when you have downloaded all the iso images and have them burned your ready to install linux so boot up the spare box with a boot disk and delete the master boot partion "fdisk /mbr"

    and pop in the cd's and boot from the cdrom and the installation will begin and it will walk you through the installation asking if you're wanting to use it as a server a destop OS and stuff like that ok people say that check for compatibility for motherboards etc but linux supports a lot and i mean a LOT of hardware so i personaly dont think you would have a problem

    when all thats done hook it up to the net and open up some ports with services running on them and look to see if they are any exploits availible for the specific things you have running behind a port and if you cant all ready program i suggest you start to learn cuz if your serious as you say you are you will be wanting to to know how and why the exploits do what they do ok if your new to linux i will provide a link to a few ebooks on the subject look mainly at the administartive guides because these will explain how to open ports etc and to start and stop services http://www.flashdance.cx/books/more/

    so all in all thats a crash course but i hope it gives you a basic understanding

    edit:also it would be good to learn tcp/ip i think there is a book on that link on tcp/ip
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    "At heart i am a phreaker, with 5 years of field experience"

    Haha, put that on your resume, and see where it gets you......

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    Hey Lor3n[Z]o I'm a noob thinkin of doin' the same thing. I have a really wussy comp I got from a friend gonna put linux on it and some honeypot software (it's designed for exactly what you're talkin bout do a search on google to find out more), then I'm gonna plug it into the net and wait around.

    P.S. this is my first post too I hope it helps

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    uhh, yeah. that is not a smart thing to do umm and your computer/network can already be hacked, you can't really make it subceptable(sp?) to hacks, unless you don't have a firewall/AV software and even then... so anywho just search www.google.com for information on vulernability and such

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    I take it you haven't given your idea much thought.....are you makeing a WarGame or just a honeypot & did you even bother geting any legal advise if it's a wargame?

    And how do we know that the info left behind won't become just another lamers "HOW TO" book. There is also the large chance that you'd narc on us after one of us got into your system.

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    First,have you tried a scan for holes?if not go here.That's a much better place to start.
    Next,there's not much of a point to penetration testing if you lower your defenses.The point of it is to find holes that are in your system on a regular basis,not to exploit holes that are there regularly.
    Finally,I have to say that lowering your guard and having an open hack on your computer is a rather strange(to put it nicely)idea.You don't know the people in here,and you don't know what their moral standings are.Besides that,even if a person enters your comp with good intentions,it doesn't mean they won't unintentionally screw something up,and the unintentional screw ups are often much more catastrophic than the intentional ones.Are you willing to take that risk?Even so,I'd want it in the form of a contract/waiver making me void of any damage done to your system before I'd do it,because that could land someone in jail for a rather long time if you decided to roll over on them.
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