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Thread: getting IPs

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    getting IPs

    im a bit of a newbie, how can i get ips of ppls comps??

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    im a bit of a newbie, how can i get ips of ppls comps??
    Why would you want the IP addresses of other peoples computers?
    Just curious!


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    If you want them for a legitimate reason just ask them, otherwise do yourself a favor and read this: ( your time here will be more enjoyable if you do)

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    Even if you have a good reason for wanting that info,it would help to know what OS you're running.It sounds as if you may have misunderstood the intentions of this site,so read the FAQ,browse the posts a bit,maybe read some of the tutorials.
    What I will tell you about getting other peoples IP's is that using them to illegally enter someone elses computer can land you in jail for a very long time(especially if the computer is over state or federal borders),and if you read a book on tcp/ip(you might want to start with
    DNS though),it will benefit you much more than just a straight up answer to your question.O'Reilly's makes books along those lines and also SAMS.Do a google search for O'reilly's Reference Library,and it will have all of that stuff and then some,and it's all free reading.
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    .It sounds as if you may have misunderstood the intentions of this site,so read the FAQ,browse the posts a bit,maybe read some of the tutorials.
    Even if you didn't misunderstand the intentions of this site, I encourage you to spend some time here. You may change your mind. AO has a lot to offer in so far as security knowledge goes, and you may just find out it is more productive to learn for good rather than for bad.

    Good luck and welcome to AO, I hope to see you in the future.

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    God you people are impossible, the man wants to know how to get a damned IP address - so tell him! It's not our responsibility or fault if he goes and gets himself landed in jail because of it. And I doubt he could do harm anyway....

    Well, justskate, the most common way of getting some guys ip address (lets say while your chatting with them), is to send them a file/receive a file.

    First off open up your command prompt (cmd), if you're running Windows2k or XP then you simply have to "Start > Run > cmd" and cmd should pop up. Now type in: netstat -?
    It should look something similar to this:

    C:\>netstat -?
    Displays protocol statistics and current TCP/IP network connections.
    NETSTAT [-a] [-e] [-n] [-o] [-s] [-p proto] [-r] [interval]
      -a            Displays all connections and listening ports.
      -e            Displays Ethernet statistics. This may be combined with the -s
      -n            Displays addresses and port numbers in numerical form.
      -o            Displays the owning process ID associated with each connection.
      -p proto      Shows connections for the protocol specified by proto; proto
                    may be any of: TCP, UDP, TCPv6, or UDPv6.  If used with the -s
                    option to display per-protocol statistics, proto may be any of:
                    IP, IPv6, ICMP, ICMPv6, TCP, TCPv6, UDP, or UDPv6.
      -r            Displays the routing table.
      -s            Displays per-protocol statistics.  By default, statistics are
                    shown for IP, IPv6, ICMP, ICMPv6, TCP, TCPv6, UDP, and UDPv6;
                    the -p option may be used to specify a subset of the default.
      interval      Redisplays selected statistics, pausing interval seconds
                    between each display.  Press CTRL+C to stop redisplaying
                    statistics.  If omitted, netstat will print the current
                    configuration information once.
    Now, how can this help us to find a person's IP address? Well, first off you have to understand that when a computer connects to your computer, it has to give up it's IP address in order to, for example, transfer a file across...
    Wait a minute...did I just say that in order to transfer,...oh lets say, a file across, their IP has to be given away/viewable to you? Just to let you see for yourself, go back to cmd, and look at all the options it's given you.

    "-a" and "-n" look as if they can give us something. Why? you ask, well because
    • Netstat -a: lists all connections and listening ports. Maybe this could show us an ip address of a computer connected to us? Maybe? ...
    • Netstat -n: displays addresses and port numbers in numerical form. Wait a sec, addresses?...you mean like...displays IP Addresses? Hrm...

    type in: Netstat -a in cmd, and look what comes up. Now type: Netstat -n. You can use either one, since both give similar information (both do different things how ever and can be used for other things in specific) - so use whichever, however I do reccomend "netstat -n" for this infact.

    Now: Netstat -n, and see what comes up, count how many connections you have, if you want you can copy and paste them to a text file (to copy and paste in cmd, simply rightclick on the topbar, goto "Edit", then "Mark",... highlight what you want, then goto the topbar again, "Edit", but this time hit "Copy"...now open a text file and Ctrl+V to paste).
    Now, send a file to a friend, it helps if the file is large and takes a LONG time to transfer, just so you have time to sift through the IP's. Now DURING the transfer of the file, type in "netstat -n" AGAIN, and see what comes up. A new line should have appeared, with new information,...

    Proto --- Local Address --- Foreign Address --- State
    • Proto: the protocol being used, (ie. TCP, TCPv6, UDP, UDPv6...).
    • Local Address: YOUR IP address, if you scroll down your netstat, this number should remain constant.
    • Foreign Address: The person's IP address thats connected to you.
    • State: The state in which the connection is.

    Now the new IP address that appeared WILL be the IP you want. Mind you, it will look like this. -> this means that the IP Address is and the port number to which they're connected is 1234.

    Hope it helps.
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    I assume you have a good reason for wanting to know you could do the method webcarnage said or you can do the wussy and easier way. Ok get a free website (www.geocities.com) get a free website stat shower (cant think of any of the top of my head). Send them to the site and if you have a good stat finder it will show his ip OS etc etc

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    now odviously there are numerous legitimate reasons to know someone elses i.p. such as a way to report an attack on yourself to there isp. etc.. lets not freek out he wants to know how to get an i.p. not the passwords to the NORAD defense network.

    heres a few other ways i thought ide add to the list,

    if your on irc, type /dns username to get the i.p

    you can use webcarnage's method if you use aim, icq, etc.. just send or accept a file tranfer and do what he said

    another way to do it is to get them to email you, try telling them your hotmail account is screwed up and you want them to mail you and see if it works then look in the header for the adress

    there are numerous different tools that will work on aim, trillian, icq, etc... just search

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    Another simple method and i cant believe no one has said it is to tell them you found a cool site and give them the url
    but instead of a legit url you out http://<Your-ip-goes-here> and when the people click the link it open's up a tunnel of packets the SYN packet gets sent to your ip and you firewall will alert you that someone is trying to connect to your computer on port 80 and the IP address of the person wanting the connection will be the IP address of the person you told to click on the url you gave them
    [Webcarnage] also gave a small tutorial to you for netstst cool post man
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    [WebCarnage] very nice post, not a lot of people know about that method.

    A while ago I found some kid on Mirc boasting about amount of IP's he had collected. *Hint Hint* IRC hehe.

    Now in most cases, there isn't much one can do with just the IP Addresses. Unless he or she wishes to scan those IP's but it is ILLEGAL. Also, a good configured system, such as all patches r in and firewall configured properly...in most cases can't even scan a system like that if it is in stealth mode. Also blocking ports such 139 and similar ports like that will diminish "attackers" any chances at collecting info about you.
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