Hello all,

Im Randy, just wanted t say thanks to all of yall for having such a very informative forum here, I am new to all of this stuff, but Im wanting to learn the in and outs of prgramming and security. I am so sick of all the yahoo botters , who use some of these programs just to be inconsiderate and mean, It realy chaps my butt. My account here was just activated so I could not post a few days ago. But I have taken the time to read your faq and a few other things. Hope to make some great friends here. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your knowledge to someog us who dont understand some of this stuff. Its still funny funny to even see the ones asking Questions that could get them flamed. Its migthy funny what you could learn with a little patience and willingness to look for your answers among all the resources here. Anyway happing learning to all.