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Thread: Cyberjack.A trojan bypasses Pccillin

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    Cyberjack.A trojan bypasses Pccillin

    Im using Pccillin for my pc with win2k as my operating system. There was a real time scan warning that says the virus troj_cyberjack.a was present in my system. When I manually scanned my hard drive, it wasnt there. No virus was found. This thing happens every time I end an application. Somebody pls. help me get rid of this trojan...

    Thank you for your help.

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    Maybe try another virus scanner and see if it helps you out:

    Trend Micro - http://housecall.trendmicro.com/
    AVG - http://grisoft.com

    Trend Micro is a free online scanner, and AVG is a scanner available free for download. Hopefully these programs will help you get rid of that trojan.

    Good Luck

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    You might try another scan at another antivirus site with realtime scan like http://www.mcafee.com/ , the virus you mentioned should be old enough for any scanner to find it, not sure why pccillian could not find it...you did have the latest definitions loaded didn't you?
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    Another free online scanner is


    Any of the ones mentioned ought to be good. They're all updated daily.

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    Found this regarding Cyberjack..

    I trust that I have painted over enough of the un-wanted stuff.. (If not, tell me and this post is history)

    oh I am not a great fan of Trend-Micro/PC-Cillin.. The file/registry info at the bottom of the image may help you (mind.. this is the authors notes.treat with caution)

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    Interestingly enough, I've had Kernel32.exe (deleted it awhile ago) and was using Pccillin as well. As of now, I use Mcaffee or Norton so I don't worry because nothing has gotten by or anything and I'm good with updating. I hope everything turns out okay, and if you want you can check out my Protection Guide Tutorial.. I featured a few good thing's to do to make sure you are safe from virii. I hope you enjoy/learn from it and that it is useful. Anyways, your not alone with this issue. Hope I helped and Good Luck!
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    win2k type format C: in th prompt lol just kidding dont do that, pc cillin says its in your system? Does it have an opition were you can delete it? If not try www.norton.com they have a free virus scan and they are a great anti virus and that might help you clean it out.

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    Try this product and it will be helpful to you....

    trust me.....


    if you want key file,please send message to me ,i will provide this product license freely

    Waiting for you message.

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    Which version of pc-cillin are you currently using?The reason why I am asking is because I also had the older version, also the latest pattern and when I recently installed pc-cillin2002 with personal firewall(which the old one did not have), immediately it picked up a trojan on my machine(can't remember the name).So, I am not saying it would work for you but it looks like it has improved a whole lot.The personal firewall alone blocked about 7 intrusions the other night when I was on the net at home.

    Hope it helps
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    I agree with vanman,

    Ever since I installed PC-Cillin 2002 (with firewall) I've yet (and I stress "yet") to have any virii or trojan get past it. Mind that PC-Cillin updates OFTEN, about every other day I'm DL'ing a new pattern file, scan engine, etc.

    I've had the same problem as you, RAIJEM when I had an earlier version. What I had to do (shot in the dark) was first make sure that I had deleted everything in the Quarantine area, and then do a complete system scan in hopes that Trend would pick up any remainder (if any) of a virus or trojan.

    PC-Cillin tends to stash anything that can't be "cleaned" or "deleted" into the Quarantine area in order to bypass the "intruder" until you can manually delete it...go figure...

    Below is a quote from Trend's site:

    QUICK LINKS: Solution

    Virus type: Backdoor

    Destructive: Yes

    Aliases: CYBRJCK.CLI, Trojan.CyberJack.101

    Pattern file needed: 937

    Scan engine needed: 5.200

    Overall risk rating: Low



    This client component of a backdoor program enables a remote hacker access to an infected system. It compromises network security. To execute, it requires that its server component is running on a target system.


    Trend customers

    Keep your pattern file and scan engine updated. Trend Micro antivirus software can clean or remove most types of viruses. Certain viruses, such as Trojans, scripts, overwriting viruses and joke programs which are identified as "uncleanable", should simply be deleted.
    Hope that helps...but as the other have already stated, if PC-Cillin won't solve the problem try other anti-virus solutions. Norton has a respectful reputation for being "on the ball" with the latest intrusion dilemmas...
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