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Thread: Secure text viewer?

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    Question Secure text viewer?

    Okay, I've googled and goggled for this and come up with nothing. I am looking for a secure text viewer which does not allow the heap to be paged to the swapfile by locking it somehow. I do not even know if this is possible currently. Does anyone know where to find something like this? I would even write the editor myself if someone could show me how to lock memory...
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    An easier answer would be to use any text viewer (wnbrowse is my fav for win32 or just less for linux) and use something like scorch to overight your swapfile on every boot. Stick the line
    scorch [c:\windows\win386.swp] in your autoexec.bat. If it is overwritten windows recreates it.
    (Obviously you have to download scorch and have it in your path for this to work )

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