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    Put them on ignore? Get a lame anti booter? Not that hard

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    People get booted in yahoo all the time - you dont have to do or say anything wrong. Its full of 13 year old script kiddies. Get yahelite. Its an unofficial yahoo chat client which has filters for all the common boot codes. Ive never been booted while using it. The url is usually www.badsyntax.com but sometimes the site is down. Talk to your friend google

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    Posted by: Ratman2
    is this any way to treat a newbie asking a valid question?
    Dude, I was being sarcastic. I'm sure he's not an *******; I've never even spoken to/seen him before in my life

    Posted by: |The|Specialist
    Not much you can do besides geting a good firewall and staying away from trigger happy peaple and bots that boot alot.
    Erm... sorry to bust your bubble here but a firewall won't help worth crap. And how are you going to plan on staying away from a bot in a chatroom (that he visits often, maybe) eh?


    Hrm, I'd go with owensleftfoot, Sometimes odd/lame clients can be helpful when you want to chat but the OP (I'm not sure what you call it in Yahoo Chats) is being a dick. I remember a few programs like that for MSN Chatrooms aswell... lucky for a few of us, we learned how to enter an MSN chatroom via mIRC using a script, making it possible to run commands and such which weren't allowed normally. But then again, that was for MSN.

    To check if Yahoo Chats run IRC, try logging into a chat, bringing up netstat and seeing if your connected to an ip with a common IRC port (ie. 6666, 6667, 6668, etc.).
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    As one person has already said, Some people get booted for new reason. I often frequent theses rooms and get booted as well. People have the right to be there and are there for there own reasons whatever they may be. People come to htis site for a reason, for me it happened to be to learn some security measures and stuff so that it doesnt keep happening. It really sucks that people can't enjoy chat rooms because some little punk wants to get his kicks by booting people for no reason. Yes there are people who deserve it. What is the point of constantly trying to run form a problem if your there to have fun, so someonelse can get there kicks. like your website, chat rooms are there for people to enjoy. whats the point of having it if you can't enjoy it. One reason I came to this website and join this forum was to learn how to keep punks that keep booting people from booting me and perhaps helping someone else who may have helped me or others.

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