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Thread: i am nice guys but just one guy doesn't like me

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    i am nice guys but just one guy doesn't like me

    guys i am nice but i'm new there everybody like's me except one *******(sorry for this word) what can i do?
    he is booted me all the time

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    Why are you posting another thread with the same subject as the other one? Why didnt u write in the other one? Doing this gets u negative points
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    There isn't a need to keep creating threads... You can go back and post under the thread you have already created.

    If someone there doesn't like you... change your nick, or... get people to go to a different room, or stop going there all together.

    Don't know if there is much you can do if a SYSOP doesn't like you... try to change his impression of you?
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    thats phishphreek80, i was wondering what the heck she was talking about.
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    guys see this thread http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=236754 Nicolle is new and is learning the ropes

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    Guys let's give her a break here.I have to agree with ratman2,just learning the ropes here could get you out as fast as you came in, no offense but it is a reality.Let us rather point her in the right direction, then flaming her and in the long run chase people away from this wonderfull site of ours.

    We all started visiting this site because it has such a vast amount of knowledge that can be learned from all these good people here.
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    For sure... i'm still trying to figure out how to add a comment to the same page, same thread of another post i made. Seems like you could "edit" one you made and add a "PS", and i've seen the suggestion for other AO'ers to edit, but sure can't find any "edit" clicks for a prior post....

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    hi I am sort of new here too, and "learning the ropes" and have already been dumped on for not doing things the right way..that stinks..

    Anyway, Nicholle, did you try the link i gave you last time i posted ..oops, i should have recycled my last one...ugh

    Also, "The Old Man" I believe if you look up top your post, there are buttons and one of them is edit, I just found them myself yesterday..Good luck

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    The duplicate thread is already here so ..
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