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Thread: War gamez

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    War gamez

    I have some (maybe stupid) questions.
    What are Wargamez?
    I know that a wargame is when 2 or more users try to get in others sistem.
    How do you "play" and what programs do you use?
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    There are multiples forms of Wargames. You should search google for different wargames and partake in them. They are fun and improve skill. I might be a good one because I only use one tool! Oh, it would be a tool called Knowledge. It's interesting and works alot, so yeah. Anyways, try some wargames out, a good one would be http://www.hackerslab.org Hope I helped!
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    yeah, I agree with spyder, hackerslab.org is a good place to start if you want more..

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    ok, you know what they are because you said you know its when people try to get into each others systems, and you asked how you played....well, you try to get into the other persons system before there in yours, i think this is the first time iv ever seen a post where you asked and answered your own question in three sentences, but anyway, sometimes firewall companies will hold these too see if anyone can get threw there firewall, it works as good publicity and cuts the cost of software testing. for programs....hmmm you dont really need many unless your a script kiddie, then youd prolly use DOS attacks and things like that, but these are also good for securing your PC FROM these types of attacks, also you might wanna look around the site, theres an entire board for this called (cmon guess....oh come on take a guess) the "war games" board. and looking threw a search engine would help. (not meaning to sound mean, just humorous)

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    really good site....
    Thanks for answering to my questions....
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