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    Question Linux Mandrake

    well I dont know if this would be clasified as "network security"... but this is just an all around Network question.

    I am trying to get a PCMCIA network card to install and function properly so that i can use the internet.

    at the moment i only have one card a D-link DFE-690TXD
    in the console when i use the cardctl command here is what it produces:

    cardctl ident:
    Socket 0:
    product info: "D-Link", "DFE-690TXD", "PC Card"
    mandfid: 0x0149, 0x0000
    Funchtion: 6 (network)
    [root@localhost /]#

    cardctl status:
    Socket 0:
    3.3V CardBus card
    function 0: [ready]
    [root@localhost /]#

    if ANYBODY can help me.. please say something..
    i most pressingly need help.


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    I don't know what step you're at, so I'l just throw out a bunch of ideas and maybe one will help you.

    1. Run 'kudzu' to see if it will find and configure your network card for you
    2. Make sure the kernel-pcmcia package is installed. I'm most familiar with redhat, so I'm not sure if the name is exactly the same in mandrake. Run 'rpm -qa | grep -i pcmcia' to find out.
    3. Try 'service pcmcia stop', then pop the card out. Wait a second, then run 'service pcmcia start'. Then pop that card back in.
    4. If none of the above work, run 'lsmod' and post the output here so we can hopefully help you further.

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    what distro of LM are you using?

    I checked hardware compatability list for LM 9.0. It showed no information on the DFE-690TXD as for compatability. They did state the DFE-650TXD and DFE-680TXD should work, but not tested by them. Could it be compatible but not listed?

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