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Thread: which is better

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    which is better

    im going to be going off to college and i am wondering which is better to buy...a desktop or a laptop?.....i know there are factors to consider when chosing like....what is my major and what classes am i taking but over all which would be better to get



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    Well, like you said...it depends. Why don't you tell us what your major is and what classes you will be taking.

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    I recommend a laptop. If not for anything else but convenience. You can easily move it from room to room. And you can get laptops that can perform pretty close to what a desktop can do.
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    The only thing that I know is that a laptop will be very convenient like mahakaal has said, but they are very expensive when something has to be repaired on them compared to a desktop.

    Other than that I think it is a good idea for what you are going to use it for, so enjoy it.

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    Yea like Mahakaal but i think a lap top is easier to steal and you would have to keep a close eye on it.

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    fisiks get a laptop (cheap one) and a nice desktop. you can get a nice desktop for 500$ ish and a cheap lappy for 400$ ish or less. that way you save money, have one good computer and one bad one, yet still have the reliability of mobility with the laptop.

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    I would push you towards a laptop too, I went through this dilemma 4 years ago, and chose a desktop and regretted it the entire time. Depending on what school you are going to a lot of them are going wireless now too. So see if you can invest in one that has built in wireless capabilities. As Mahakaal said the convience is enough in its own. If you are worried about it getting stolen they have those lockdown kits and they are built into every laptop so you could just fasten it to your dorm room desk.
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    well as er0k said, have a good desktop computer and a laptop that you can use to take notes in lectures and classes, all you really need depending on what your main use for it will be is something that can run windows and some basic office apps and compilers if you are doing programming, a p-3 if you could find a secondhand one would be a good choice

    heres a suggestion based on what i use as a desktop for coding, windoze, office etc

    p-3 667
    256 ram (but 128 for a laptop, too dear otherwise)
    integrated graphics
    integrated sound
    LAN, modem, speakers
    all the usual other hardware

    since its for uni i would go for win 2k or xp pro for sake of stability, but i'd lean towards 2000
    some sort of office pack, xp would be good as you can get that cheap at academic prices

    thats about it for my input, hope it is of some help

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    well, i guess laptop is better in any case,
    if you can afford it without any inconvenience, that's the question.

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    Go for Laptop.
    Rememeber that now even IBM is getting out of the market of desktops and entering the one of Laptops.
    But there are laptops and laptops.
    Do check prices and quality.
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