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    Question Aim Cloner Source

    I know this is sort of off topic, and believe me this is a last resort. I have scowered the web and all of my resources numerous times before making this post. I think some one here might have the answer though, Usually some one does, so here goes:

    I am lookin for the source code to make an Aim Cloner. Not a client that can log onto aim, I dont even want a UI. All I need is the code for connecting multiple Aims to the server, nothing more. I have worked countless hours and can not get it to work correctly.

    Thanks in advance if any one can help.
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    Thats pretty lame dude no offense an aim cloner? you wanna make an aim cloner!?? why?

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    Have you checked out the source for gaim? If I were you, I would start there and see what they did to get an idea of how it could be done. The URL is http://gaim.sourceforge.net.

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