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    Question wonder

    hi... does anyone have ideas how to crack 128-bit encryption code...and do you guys thinks that matrix is real.....

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    How to crack 128-bit encryption code? Simple...

    Get a distributed computing server, and then find 50 million computers that are all capable of trying 1 billion keys per second. Thats 5x10^16 keys per second tried.

    Now, since you only have 3.4x10^38 keys to try, you need only to wait for 215.9 trillion years before you are guaranteed to find the key. Easy cheesy, Japaneesy!

    The matrix is only real if you BELIEVE it to be real... do you want the blue pill or the red pill?
    Remember, there is no spoon...
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    Yes the Matrix is real (http://matrix2and3trailer.freeservers.com/)

    And the 128-bit encryption code can be cracked.....

    But first you must follow the white rabbit...

    And then the black dog......

    And then you’ll meet the pink pig.....

    then You must decide , is it the blue pill or the red pill....

    *Jangan telan pil salah !

    paladin aka Morpheus

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