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    Question No privacy

    I don't know jack about Mac's, I'll admit to that. A neighbor of mine knows that her husband has put a keylogger on the Mac because he constantly comments about private emails she has sent. (She would leave him if she could support herself alone.) My question is, is there any way to stop the keyloggers at all???

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    Well as far as I know,find it and remove it.Here's some spyware removal tools.Some of them free some not. (that's got all kinds of neat toys.)

    Hope that helps.
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    Ok. First, gghornet, ShadowFireRaven is asking for help on MACINTOSH platform. The two links you gave have Windows only software.

    Second, one piece of advice that gghornet gave was sound: find the file that is keylogginer. Shouldn't be that hard depending on whether it's OS X or OS 9 (or earlier). If you give that info, should help. There are only a handful of mac keyloggers.

    Lastly, this site should help in getting some good virus scan and firewalls in place as well as file system locking software. If you need any further help, let me know. I run at home Windows, Linux and Macintosh (OS X and OS 9) so usually I can find something to answer something.

    As I was looking at Secure Mac the following might be of help: <-- Virex used to be the premier mac AV software but I think McAfee bought them out. Think I can find the mac version? nope.

    One other thing maybe to visit Freaks Macintosh Archive. By far this is the largest collection of Mac hacks I've ever seen and it might give you an idea of what tools he is using.

    Hope that helps.
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    Those are all good links that MsMittens left for you, I only have one question for you and her, Make sure she changes her Password to something that has no relation or anthing you could link to her (ie. pets, birthdays, anniversaries, names) Have her use something random, I had my old roomate stummped for weeks, trying all kinds of spyware utilties and even had him on the verge of reformatting and starting over until I broke the news to him that he was using his girlfriends name. Hope this helps

    Just a thought though..
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    Call me crazy, but..., uh..., instead of trying to hunt down a keylogger on her machine and continuing these trust issues that are obviously surfacing in her marriage..., wouldn't it be better to sit her husband down and have a talk to see why he is doing it.

    In my oppinion a marriage is based off of trust. I have never been married, so I could be completely mislead. But, I mean snooping on someone's e-mail is a violation of their privacy. Her husband probably isn't snooping on her without a reason, he is probably having some sort of trust issues himself with her. Maybe he suspects something, maybe he is just getting a little over protective. Either way, I think the keylogger is a sign of something deeper rooted, that won't be solved by a little search and destroy in the system folder.

    I mean, if she just removes the keylogger, than he will probably suspect he is justified in snooping because he'll think she has something to hide, whereas if she find sits him down and asks him why he knows so much about her e-mail, and they get to the bottom of the trust issue, she won't have to worry about him trying again (one would hope). But, then I'm not a marriage counselor, nor do I have asperations to ever be a marriage couselor. But, just think of it from a non-computer problem view. Sure a key-logger is a computer problem, but someone has to install it, and if it is her husband, the key-logger really isn't the problem...

    MsMittens..., you are right, Virex is missing from McAfee's site in anyway that is easily accessible. Which sucks, 'cause I like Virex. But, I guess I am going to have to find a new virus scanner anyway..., my Virex only works on 9 and below, so I need a Virus scanner for X, particularly since I have gotten to the point where I might as well just delete 9 and save myself some disk space... (I really should get a virus scanner, as it is one of my pet peaves as a tech to go to a student's room, sit down on their machine that has a suspected virus, and see that they either don't have a virus, or that their dat files are from 1995 or something ridiculous like that.)


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    Have to agree with Dehj about it being a trust issue. But I was in the hubbys place a while back. Glad I installed that keycap program too. Saved me a lot of wasted time in that relationship. Scandalous females... can't live with 'em.... pass the beer nuts. :P
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    Ok here is the most common Mac logger programs.
    Best bet it to first figure out what program is being used then one can figure out what to do to disable it. As for trust well just shows you nothing you do at any computer is private and if anything can be used against someone it will be if it enables the other person the upper hand. Maybe the friend cannot afford the marrage, sounds like a classic power and control issue. Have any of the talk shows done this subject LMAO would be better then trailer park antics...Opera, Jerry, Maury, Jenny, Jerry LOL where are you?
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