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Thread: Spam... or not?

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    Spam... or not?

    Question: what's the best way, without spamming, to advertise one's website?

    Yes, for the past few months I've lowered myself to the scum of the earth. I've been a spammer. I've been running e-mail extractors, adding the string '@aol.com' to wordlists, actively been searching the internet for anyonomous smtp servers, and I've sent over 10,000,000 e-mails in the past few weeks. Though I'm quite sad to admit it, I will say this... it works! I get on average 500 hits a day on my free angelfire site. So anyways, the point of this rambling is that I want to get intense hits, but I don't want to spam. I don't want to pay money for advertising either, and I don't want to spend hourse submitting my website to search engines. If anyone could help me I'd appreciate it. Thanks alot.....
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    Wrong fourm. This for "How do I's" regarding this site. Anyway, spammers suck. You're a spammer, therefore you suck. That being said. If you really want "intense hits" then you're going to have to put up a site that has useful/interesting content. Then you are going to have to submit that to all the search engines you want.

    If its a good site, then I'm sure people will show up. If its a site saying "This is my Homepage, I like X-Files" then don't expect too many hits.


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    to compliment what Sgt_B said:: Search engines are the way to go...

    Another good way is to have larger/cooler websites link to you. This will help with search engines like Google. The more your linked, the more you show up in their queries...
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    Try to make lot's of affliates/partners so they will link your website and their visitors might go to your website. Also, you might want to try submitting your website to search engine's so that when people search for a topic related to your website, it will popup there. Hope I helped!
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    Just post a link to your website in this forum. Im sure plenty of people would love to go check it out! I know I would.....

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    In Response..

    I would have to say...Get some Kick ass Metatags Built, and Submit every 4 days w/ a free multi submitter like http://www.addpro.com/, and keep up your website..

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