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Thread: Chat room translator's???

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    Question Chat room translator's???

    Does anyone know if there is such a thing as a chat room language translator?If so,where can I find one or more?I was having a discussion on Yahoo with a person from Iran about recent terrorist activity,and what their government is doing about it,and it was an intriguing conversation on both ends,except the language barrier made some of the conversation kinda confusing as his English wasn't so good,and I don't speak a word of Arabic.If anyone knows of such a thing please post a link.
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    If he's from Iran, he probably speaks Persian rather than Arabic IMO. A dictionary for English to Persian can be found here. They also have translator software for sale there. I haven't used it so I'm not recommending it or anything.

    I also found an email service here, which either of you should be able to use to email back and forth.

    Hope that helps.
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    unsure if this is the right place to kinda make a "child process" off this topic but... I was thinking the other day... how you could circumvent a keycap program and still chat... by making a voice connection instead (i.e. Yahoo)... so... is there anyone that makes an "audio capture" program that would work like a keycap program??? maybe even a nifty enough one to record to ogg/mp3 format?
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    Dont' think it had a english to arabic translation ( But it has a bunch of others ), but babelfish was really cool, have found it very helpful when looking around at foreign web sites:

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    Hmm dont know has a translator tool but you have to copy and aste it in and hit enter and that can get annoying.

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    FWIW Learning the grammar and syntax of Farsi might be an option -- it has Indo-European roots with lots of Arabic borrow words.

    It all depends on attitude towards learning a language other than English.

    Iranians know how to use Latin script to render transliteration from Farsi to English.

    Also, learning how to decipher Persian script and Arabic script is worth the effort.

    Language study aids on CD make this endeavor worthwhile.

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