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Thread: IE Problem

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    Unhappy IE Problem

    Hey i just brought a new comp and once got it connected to the net i relised there was a small problem with internet explorer.What actually happens is it cannot actually display seperate windows like pop up windows or when i right click on a link in internet explorer and select open in new window it just comes up as a blank window.Java and scripting are enabled i have tryed disabling firewalls but seperate windows still come up blank.Of course i did try a dif browser,mozilla it works fine with mozilla but not internet explorer.
    The computer in question is:
    ADVENT 3511
    Intel Pentium 4 processor
    512MB DDR
    40X CD-RW/16X DVD
    Geforce 4 MX440
    128MB DDR/TV-OUT

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    A lot of times that happens to your internet explorer. I was going to ask what version of IE you have, but since its a new comp, the IE is new. My brother in law also had the same problem, he went to www.microsoft.com, and downloaded another version of IE and it worked after that. I try doing the same thing that he did, try getting an older version or a newer one.

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    I'd have to agree, it's always best to get the most updated and newest version of any software or program. It's definitely worth it if you update or try to get the newest version, so that's some advice. Also, try cleaning out the cookies, temp. files, etc. That can help, and you should clean those anyways, because it can cause problems with website's at times. Hope I helped, good luck!
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    Just a thought....in control panel-->add/remove programs, you have a repair option for IE. Otherwise, a new install might be your best bet.

    <afterthought> You say you disabled your firewall but it didn't help...did you try shutting the f/w down completely instead of disabling?
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