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Thread: Warning to users of Kaspersky av

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    Warning to users of Kaspersky av

    It would seem Kaspersky had a bit of problems with security and lost some customer e-mail addresses too the bad guys. Check it out.
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    My God.......


    Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2002. Page 9

    Hackers Break Into Kaspersky

    By Larisa Naumenko
    Staff Writer Even the country's leading anti-virus software developer cannot always protect its subscribers from viruses.

    Hackers broke into Kaspersky Labs' server last week, making away with a list of e-mails of recipients of the company's news releases, Kaspersky Labs said in a statement. The hackers then sent a worm virus to those e-mail addresses.

    "This is an unprecedented attack on our server," said Svetlana Novikova, a spokeswoman for Kaspersky Labs.

    Yevgeny Kaspersky, head of anti-virus research for Kaspersky Labs, warned that the company is increasingly becoming a target for hackers.

    "Our company has become one of the major players on the anti-virus software market, and this draws attention from a greater number of hackers, who regularly attempt to hack our servers," he said.

    The virus, called I-Worm.Bridex, infects the computer if a user manually opens the attachment README.EXE sent along with the e-mail message. The virus also infects the computer if the Internet Explorer browser has a security vulnerability.

    Kaspersky Labs said that no one who received the e-mail opened the attachment.

    I-Worm.Bridex is a regular virus and the damage its causes is not serious, Novikova said.

    The virus attempts to break anti-virus programs installed on infected computers and opens Hotmail and Sex.com web sites.

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    I'm on that e-mail list! But even if Kapersky sent me a file, I wouldn't open it without scanning it first.

    "The virus attempts to break anti-virus programs installed on infected computers and opens Hotmail and Sex.com web sites".....I think Hotmail and sex.com websites work in tandem. Checked your inbox lately?...."Hi I'm Susie and this is my horse"....ack!
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    Yeah, I'm one of the lucky ones whose email addy was taken. It wasn't pleasant for a few days, believe me. I've since changed my email name and my irate friends understand. I don't post my email to ANYPLACE, any more. If some place demands it, I leave.

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