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Thread: World's First Wireless Firewall Trials Sucessfully

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    World's First Wireless Firewall Trials Sucessfully

    Has anyone else read anything like this yet,I havent seen it posted here and this is the first i have heard of a wireless firewall;
    these wireless firewall's are for handheld's like palm pilots and such cool eh!


    Bluefire Security Technologies announced it has closed a
    $6 million second-round of funding led by JK&B Capital. The funds will be used to expand business operations and commercialize the world's first mobile firewall for handheld devices following successful trials with leading
    enterprise customers, wireless application providers, and system integrators.

    "We were very impressed by Bluefire's unique breakthrough technology,
    clear value proposition, and large market opportunity," said Marc Sokol,
    Partner at lead investor, JK&B Capital. "Security for mobile and wireless
    devices is a must-have requirement for enterprises and government agencies to
    deploy high value, mission critical mobile applications."
    follow the link at the top for the full story
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    Very cool Idea, I just wonder how this firewall will differ from setting security permissions like MAC security or just setting certain permissions on your access point.

    Perhaps they can emmit the signal from a pc that you can setup a firewall on and have it filter through that before it allows input? just a thought?
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    Strange, yet amazing. I guess it was only a matter of time, everybody wants a firewall, so a firewall they will have. I wonder how it will work exactly...I'll have to get one and see
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    Definitely a good idea... can't remember exactly where, but I read about someone gaining access to a whole bunch of wireless PDAs at a big convention like COMDEX or something lately... kinda scary if you keep anything important on your PDA (which Im sure most do).
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