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Thread: Shortcut to Explorer

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    Shortcut to Explorer

    Someone knows which are the parameters to make a shortcut to Explorer so that it starts showing all my drives (like My Computer) and the side folder panel?
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    Originally posted here by ele5125

    start> run you can type explorer.scf and that would start windows explorer. But I tested this in windows me and it did not work for me with Windows me.
    Holding down the Windows button and pressing E at the same time brings this up on all Windows OS's I believe.
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    well you can either type c: in your address bar and click enter , then u'll be browsing ur drive or, u can press the windoes logo button with E button and u'll get the explorer viewing ur "my computer"

    u can do somthing else like , go for step # 1, then add to favorities, there u r , u have it there , and u can bows or add any drive as u like.

    although i bilieve there's a better way, but can't remember now
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    Windows key + E works great in all of the Windows OSs as long as you have a windows keyboard. If not, just right-click on my computer, and choose explore. I occasionally run into a non-Windows keyboard.
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    Better yet (especially if you have multiple windows open and don't want to minimize them all), you can just right-click on the word "Start" and then left-click on Explore.

    And if you want quick shortcuts, you can drag the my computer icon (of icons for any drives you want) straight into the quicklaunch bar. The quicklaunch bar can be very helpful for having your most popular programs readily available without having to minimize programs to click on desktop icons.
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    To put it on your desktop you have to right click anywhere on your desktop.go to new and then to shortcut.A window would come up wit a browsing feature.Click on browse,move the slider untill you see the folder windows.Double click on that one and all windows folders will appear.Search untill you get Explorer.Click on that, click on open which will put it in the command line box.Click next,click finish and it will automatically appear on your desktop.This will take you straight to widows explorer.

    What you can also do is do a file search on explorer.This is to click on start,find,folders,when asked put explorer in the fid box.When it finds it , right click on it and click on shortcut.It will then tell you it cannot place a shortcut here but do you want to put it on your desktop instead. Click yes.It will also appear on your desktop.Hope it helps.

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    i agree with bluebird. Quicklaunch is the best option available for quick access

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    Start, Programs, right click Windows Explorer, Send to Desktop, then drag icon to quick launch bar and voila!



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