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Thread: Server IP Addressing

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    Question Server IP Addressing

    I use Yahoo Chat on a regular basis. Recently, someone asked me if you can get a chatters IP address (they were pissed as someone shooting boot codes all over Yahoo Chat). I told them most servers have a basic inherent ability to randomly assign IP addresses and that the only IP address that would show up on the internet would be (or should be) the server's IP. IS this true? I have a strange feeling it might not be, as my experience is limited. Also, is there any easy software that is free to download that can warn me of any type of intrusions(a basic firewall)? Currently use a DOS command called NETSTAT (but being I'm somewhat of a moron, it doesn't help a whole lot )

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    Do a search for firewalls in the forums, should bring up quite a few results.

    For free firewalls, two that I know of are ZoneAlarm and Outpost by Agnitum. But do search the forums
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    DHCP servers assign dynamic ip addresses. yahoo's chat server does not act as a DHCP server.Everyone that connects to yahoo chat has their own ip address before they get there. This can be assigned in different ways, which is another topic altogether.

    All chatting trasactions are done on the chat server and you can only get the ip address of machines you have established a connection with. the only address you can get while chatting is the chat-servers because thats the only machine your connected to. If you want to find someones ip address you must establish a connection with them.
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    I would advise against the "trial" of zonealarm pro.

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    Well first off I find it interisiting that a person would list a program to kill on the very site their pages reside at. But such is a free world actually can find the same here if you bother to search here is the program http://www.geocities.com/yeyo_pr_2002/chatprogs.html look for yahoo killer. The site is a collection of a script kidde anyone worth anything would at least be able to afford their own domain and site. Only programs I know about that allow a direct connect are ICQ (owned by AOL nuff said), PowWow (no more) and Jabber very secure. Anyway seems you would need to renew the friends list, why I have shut off chat for about 2 years to many problems not unlike IRC and it's all on their own time people being distroyed through DDos by some kid.
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