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    Talking The Next Generation Hacker/geek Drink!

    Jolt cola which was the sterotypical hacker/geek drink.

    Well, there was a few problems with it.. All the damn sugar causes you to become jittery, which would actually break a hackers/geeks concentration! Plus sugar causes your body to store fat. Ontop of that, you had to get used to the taste of jolt. (ive literally choked on it b4) And last of all, it wears off after 20-40 minutes, when it wears off the sugar causes you to crash and you feel exhausted!!!

    Xs Energy Drink
    The next generation of energy drinks (nothing like it out!)
    Its a energy drink loaded with potent levels of adaptogenic herbs, B-Vitamins, and amino acids!

    --Adaptogenic herbs help you deal with physical (moving all those computers around) and emotional stress, as well as increase electrical impulses in your body. -=+Helps your thinking+=-
    --B-Vitamins help you get the natural energy** Plus vitamin B12 causes higher serotonin levels. (its easier to think when you have natural energy and are happy.)
    -- No Sugar
    -- No Carbs
    -- Only 8 calories.
    --The effect from it lasts about 2 1/2 hours and you dont get a crash.. you just go back to your normal!
    --The taste is awesome, and comes in TWO flavors. Cranberry Grape, and citrus blast.
    --Only a third of the carbonation of sodas.
    --About the same amount of caffiene as a can of Coke.

    XS is not available in stores (since most of the population out there are not geeks)
    You can get it at:
    (also the home of IHG --+InfoDelia Hacking Group+--)

    Enjoy guys!
    Hackers are impervious. Resistant is futile.

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    just passing along some awesome info ...
    Hackers are impervious. Resistant is futile.

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    If it looks like spam, smells like spam, and tastes like spam... Must be spam...
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    damn i had no idea AO was selling advertising space in the threads :P


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