Hi there I am Zrekam, been member for a while but haven't posted anything yet, just been reading all the interesting discussions around and finding the information I looked for.

I have created a website where I have put my programs and tools.

I am currently working as a webdeveloper, and is interested in computer security.

In my spare time I like to program software for me and others on the internet, and I have currently started on a new project where I am making a remote conrtrol system for my computer which only can be controlled from SMS messages, so I will always know my server status, I can download file from remote, and it is much more secure than having remote control over the internet. And of course the computer only accepts commands from my mobile phone number. So if IRS calls me at work, I just send COVER TRACKS to my computer through SMS, hehe

Of course I can do anything I want it do through this control.