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Thread: Encryption question?

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    Encryption question?

    Hi all , need help....

    I have two hard disk. My OS is win 2000 on c drive and all my data on d drive. I want to encrypt all my data on d drive. The only reason, I havenít done it yet is because I am worried if in case my win 2000 gets corrupted or if I need to format c and reinstall the os, my encryption key will be lost.

    I havenít tried it so, any help or suggestion is welcome.. (before I try it !!!!)



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    If you are using EFS then you simply need to look to windows help. There it shows you what keys you have to back up, and how to restore them and use the recovery agent to get your files back.
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    The best solution would be to use 3rd party encryption software. Wtf would anyone trust M$ to write a secure encryption routine? M$ cannot be trrusted. They have proven this too many times to count. Use open-source software for encryption. If there were backdoors or gaping security holes in its programming, people would know. That's why good encryption software has its source made available. Try www.pgp.com
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