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    I've been running linux for a little over 3 years now and want to do a new install from an FTP site. All my installs from before were off of a cd rom. I want to try something new and try downloading it from an FTP site and doing it that way. The issue I am having is that I can't find instructions on how do the exact install. Do I just download the sources onto a floppy diskette and boot it? Thanks for any help

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    I have recently decided to download red hat 8.0 if you go to the link below it tells you exactly how to do it, but be warned there are 5 cd's worth, but it should answer a lot of questions.


    good luck
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    Ehh..I sure hope your not planning on downloading the ISO's onto floppy diskettes. Lol..just playing. There isn't a difference between download from an FTP site or going out and buying the CD's.

    1. Download the 3 ISO files (the large files around 700mb)
    2. Using Nero or other burning software, burn each iso file onto a CD-R
    3. Place ISO 1 in the cd rom and reboot!

    Hope this helps.

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