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Thread: Setting Up Agnitum Outpost (Free Version)

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    Setting Up Agnitum Outpost (Free Version)

    I recently downloaded the free version of the Agnitum Outpost firewall for my computer. I set up most of the configuration except for a few issues I was not familiar with. Can someone give me some guidance pertaining to --> under the System tab, there is an option to change ICMP settings. What are these and what is the most secure setting? Also, any other hints would be very helpful.

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    ICMP stands for Internet Control Message Protocol, and if you go to the website below it should tell you all about it.



    My dad uses agnitum and his icmp settings are

    echo reply in ticked
    destination unreachable in ticked
    echo request out ticked
    time exceeded for datagram in ticked

    nothing else is ticked

    hope that helps

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    This link offers configuration advice. Also the help guide included with Outpost firewall answers a lot of FAQ's.

    Hope this is of some help.

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