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    Question Hammer Time (AMD)

    When is AMD going to release their (codename) "hammer" series of processers? They were said to come out late Oct. but I haven't heared or seen anything on them. They're gonna rock, 3ghz+. I just need to know where/when to pic one up.
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    Here's a couple sites I pulled up. Hope this helps.

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    Thanx dude
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    Unfortunately the clock speeds haven't been getting much further than 1.4ghz I believe. I'm waiting for this thing too, can't wait. I'm gonna build a new system because of the new AMD line, 64 bit processors may not be mainstream yet, but perhaps when MS ships out a 64 bit version of windows, that'll give 'em the power the need. Here's to hoping. I haven't heard about the naming convention they plant to use, I saw something about it somewhere, but, I'm using windows and somehow a flash animation crashed my computer, wonder what that'll be like. Gonna have to be inventive, otherwise people will rush to intel seeing higher clock speeds. Anyways, can't wait for opteron and clawhammer, (does that one have a name yet?) to come out, I hope they are unveiled with reasonably fast clockspeeds.

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    Unfortunately the clock speeds haven't been getting much further than 1.4ghz I believe
    Ummmm.... the current the current Athlon line goes to the XP 2800+, which runs at 2250 Mhz on a 333 Mhz bus.

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