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Thread: http brut force

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    http brut force

    i try the http brut force to hack my hotmail account and it did'nt work any one who used this pro and work correctly tell me or any one have a new defenition file and want to help.

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    read the faq!
    no skiddiez
    no cracking

    by the way, why do you wanna "crack" your own account!

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    And why would you wanna hack your hotmail account?

    On a second thought, if it didn't work, you should feel relieved that your account is secure, your password is strong, and even a brute force cracker cannot easily hack it...

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    This site doesn't allow cracking and frowns upon skiddies.

    If you have good intentions and are trying to learn, a google search is recommended. Also recommended is google groups. http://groups.google.com/

    If you have no damn good intentions, try changing your mind, giving up the skiddie route and learning a thing or two by reading posts and tutorials here.

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    lol a s.kiddie looking for tech-support for one of his C&P proggies. Why don't you simply learn a bit of the C, basic, html, java. Once you have learned atleast java or some object oriented app language then stuff like this seems rather easy and boring, of course it already is easy and boring though.... but my point is that once you've moved on and gotten some real skills then get to know your PC like the back of your hands then there really isn't any point to stuff like this.

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