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Thread: Linux Modem !!!!

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    Unhappy Linux Modem !!!!

    I have been using linux 7.2 from some times and thought that it is high time that i get online with linux but WoooH !!! the first thing that i realized that i cannot cannot get my modem working ...
    now can someone help me configure my Conexant 56K PCi (internal) Voice FaX modem



    ( Ya I M Desprate to get online on my Linux Box ... coz thatz the only reason now left for not dumpingmy windows )
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    Go to the Winmodem identification page here


    And see if you can find out about your modem. Most likely either:

    - It is a hardware modem which linux requires some extra jiggery pokery to make work (unlikely)
    - It is a software modem (winmodem) which requires a special linux driver
    - It is a software modem which is entirely incompatible with Linux, as no driver or specs has been provided by the manufacturer.

    Nearly all the modems that ship these days are winmodems. Some models work under Linux but many don't. See the numerous other threads on AO on the same topic.

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    Getting a modem (non WinModem) to work with linux is a challenge. Try doing the following from command line.

    echo "atdt5555309" > /dev/ttyS0

    Listen to see if your modem picks up and dials. If that doesn't work change ttys0 to ttys1, ttys2 or ttys3.

    If that doesn't work you might want to try the dip command.

    dip -t
    dip>port ttyS0
    dip>dial 555-5309

    Good luck!

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