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Thread: Accidental wrong forum threads

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    Accidental wrong forum threads

    I noticed that many people post questions like "how do I setup my FreeBSD firewall?" in the "how do I, What is?" Forum, while this forum is intended to ask questions about AO itself. Such a BSD question should be asked in "the Unix security forum" or in the "firewall and honeypot discussion". In general my point is that either the title is not clear or either people don't read the subtitles, explaining the forum purpose they are posting in. I know after several posts it's sometimes very difficult to stay on topic and even more difficult for a moderator to stay on topic or place things at the right place. - In no way this is an attack to the mods or JP, they know I wouldn't do that -

    Now my idea is to change the sequence of the topics, in the discussion forum. Now the "how do I, what is "forum is the first thing you see when entering the boards, perhaps this causes some confusion. Or should the title be changed to "Antionline guidelines" or "antionline site help" or something similar. Just an idea. JP, I know you are very bussy with the job applicants but it's just a little idea to streamline the posts / threads here on AO and make people post in the right threads.

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    I think that is actually a very good idea, it certainly can be confusing. People don't necessarily read through the whole description of the forum. They glance at the title and make assumptions. In a perfect world, they would read through before posting, but we know that isn't going to happen.

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