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Thread: NASty ugly program :(

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    NASty ugly program :(

    Hi all,
    today i was looking for a program to check the vulneravilyties on my network and i came across a program Called FIrewar. This program what it does it disables personals firewalls (supports ZoneAlarm Tiny Sygate Norton Outpost McAfee Kerio ) and by that your are vulnerable to atacks. The ways of getting your Firewall disable are 2. One is execute the *.exe file and the other is a webpage with an ActiveX control included in the web page.

    My recomendations are that Windows users disable ActiveX controls. This can be made by:
    >Internet Explorer
    >THen click on the Tab Security
    >then the settings dialog box opens
    > disable ActiveX controls and plug-ins and also disable Download unsigned ActiveX controls, and other ActiveX settings.

    And my other recomendation is not to execute any file that you didn't request or if you dont know if the person of the place from were your downloading the file are free of virus .

    http://www.paoloiorio.it/fw.htm thats the link of the program, if you want to take a look

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    Isint that what every trojan does? Disable firewalls so they can connect to your computer without your firewall telling you that this program is trying to connect to the internet?

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    not all trojans do that, a trojan is a Program that enters your computer pretending to be something that is not, diferent trojans have diferent payloads, some can kill firewalls, AV, some just opens a port in your computer so that some one can connect, others can create an error in the registry so tat every time you boot the computer it says something, and other kind of stuff.

    If i'm wrong plz correct me

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