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    window shoping

    Ok have justed started a new job and lookin to spend me hard earned cash - but to my dismay does not accept switch

    can some of my fellow UK members give me some advice as to where they shop online? lookin for stores like thinkgeek but uk based
    but had nothing of intrest


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    a friend of mine from the UK had this very same problem.

    of course, the first reply to his thread was, but you already knew that. other alternatives given were and

    i've never been much further than the homepage for either, so that's all i can give you. i could do a more extensive search for some UK-based tech websites, so just ask.

    others i've found in the past few minutes:

    there's a few things there that i'd like myself, but, alas, no money
    i will shoot you so hard.

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