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Thread: Where Can I Get A Good Tutorial On Java, C, C++?

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    Question Where Can I Get A Good Tutorial On Java, C, C++?

    Hey everybody, i am really going into the C and C++ programming language. I will really like to know where i can get some good tutorials on this. I want something that can get me into them. I want to get a tutorial that will give me the compltetely package on these languages. My friends tell me that it will be better if i learn Java first, and then go into the C's. I will like to hear what you people think. I will really appreciate it if anybody finds a good tutorial that they think offers me the full package to any of these languages, can give me the link to it. Thanks a lot and i am looking forward to everybodies help, as you can see i need it.

    Please vote and let me know what you people think will be better, learning Java before going to the C's or going straight to the C's.

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    Okey, quick response since I'm off out.
    I'm learning Java @ Uni, since we (the students) have been told that it will be one of the programming languages in the next 30 or so years. Once you get into it, it can be a little duanting, but I'm slowly getting my head round it.

    Good places for info are the forums @
    And also
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    Borland C++ Builder Book

    Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days

    Data Structures and Algorithms
    with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in C++


    I'd really suggest learning C++ first. Afterall, once you get C++ down, you can always the, go to Java (which I think sucks more than C++ by lots). Unfortunately I know/am learning both. Heh... Still though, give C++ a shot. - the books I gave you should help tons.
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    I agree with [WEB CARNAGE],but if you must learn Java first...
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    I can't vote because of the *"it's faster"* regarding the c languages. :-) However, I would recommend c++. I think an excellent book to start with is "Starting Quickly With C++" by Tony Gaddis. In fact, I highly resommend it! The 21 Days to "xyz" books are good, too, but I haven't used them for C++.

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    I really like the links that i have gotten so far especially webcarnage and gghornet links. Since you guys think that learning C++ will be better i will then go ahead and start learning it. Hey webcarnage thanks a lot, I really like the Teach Yourself C++ In 21 days link. Is it what you are using to learn? I think something like that gives you the whole package, and that was exactly the kind of links i am looking for. I really like the link gghornet gave me, too. It was precise and looks like i can get what i need from there. The other guys had some good ones too. I am trying to say that i really appreciate all of you who took the time to look around on the web for a link for me, Thanks a lot .

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    heres a suggestion for you, take a look at the lectures used in my java class at uni

    have a look at the links here, there are lectures covering the basics up to arrays and objects and tutorials that correspond with the lectures, there is also heaps of code examples

    if you get asked for username / password

    username: student

    password: int10pc

    i cant gaurantee that they will keep the user / pass the same but it works for now, no i didnt 'hack' this as im a legit user of these notes for the subject concerned

    also you could have a look at this link for some C++ programming lectures and tutes

    that was my first semester programming class, also if you navigate around the ironbark site you'll find some other links and subjects that may be of some help to you

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    That C++ link is fairly horrific...nobody uses 16-bit systems any more unless they *really* need to, and in that case they're usually people who have been forced to write something for it.

    Plus, <iostream.h> has been deprecated in favour of the Standard C++ Library. Also, they're taking advantage of implicit int, which went years ago. All in all, I'd say anyone new, avoid it.

    Just my 0.02 with interest from 8 years
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    Well it really also depends on what you want to do.
    Like if you are into software developing, java is of less use.
    If you are more interesting in web applications and designing,
    C++, is of , almost, no use.

    As simple as that. I did c++ first, and it got my basics so clear that java was a cakewalk. So, it's more what you really want to get into first.

    I found a java tutorial for ya :

    Also, a visual C++ link, if needed :

    Hope you're more clear on what to do. Good Luck !

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