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Thread: Best Wishes John

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    I'm in shock. Anyway, best of luck in all you do JP. Just don't sell the site to someone like *gasp* Microsoft, that's all. I'm still in shock so excuse me for not being as eloquent as some of the others.
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    So JP we all really want to know is what are you going to do with all this money you get from selling AO? Will you buy out Beaver Falls and make it a good place to live or will you spend it on cosmetic surgery for Brad.

    Best of luck in all your current and future ventures.

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    Well, I am new to AO but have been a over 2 year occasional visitor. Things won't be the same.

    Good luck in your career and in live JP, best wishes.
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    Question wtf!!!?

    What's this?
    Are you leaving us JP?
    What will happen with us, poor addicts?
    Our online friends?

    Anyway good luck, sniff

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    Well I have followed this site since near the beginning. I have watched it progress and grow with the times. I have watched the hatred that it has caused with certian members of the "underground" and I have watched your success grow regardless of that hate. I have seen some really great stuff from your site, and I have learned a lot. It's going to be sad to see you go, and AO definately won't be the same without you. AO = JP in my mind and if someone else steps in to take the reigns then it just won't be the same.

    I wish you luck in your future endevors, but I most likely won't be back to AO when it's sold.

    Best Wishes,

    El Diablo

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    What is funny about all of this is that if the new owners are total asses and charge money or bastardize this site the members here are quite smart and might be able to "reclaim" the site.

    Bimmer's right, the members are the site. JP created this wonderful beast, but the members are what make it special.

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    Heya JP,

    Good luck in everything you do. This site has indeed been a long journey for you as well as for many of us.

    I have seen many good bye threads, but this is the ultimate.

    **waves goodbye**

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    Good luck JP in whatever you end up doing. I have one question. What will happen to any personal information we have entered into this site. (email addresses) Will those be sold to the company who buys Antionline?

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    JP-As a long time lurker here at AO,from way back in the beginning,it won't seem the same without ya.I do understand your need to move on and I wish you the best in all you do.Thanks for the creation of this site and the help it's given to many over the years.

    from the void,

    ~ron1n 13~
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