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    HaHaHa i just cant stop laughing at this guy.Has anyone ever visited kim "kimble" schmitz website
    i first heard of this guy a while back as starting the YIHAT (Young Inteligent Hacker's Against Terrorisim) so any whoo i was bored and his name popped in to my head and i visited his website and i must say this guy is tottaly full of himself (and he's full of **** to) he's living in a total fantasy world he thinks he some sort of uber hacker and techinical genius.This is what really cracked me up this specific page

    Do you have an open Honorary Consul position for your country? Do you need a cyber advisor to your government? I will boost your country's business through the Internet. I am also willing to take leadership positions in any country that needs a true ruler. Send your email to politics@kimpire.com.
    just a small quote from his website follow the link for more bizzare request's

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    ROFL.I'll tell you right now if that guy takes over the world I'm leaving!!!It reminds me of a bad Pinkey and the Brain episode(Hey give me a break I have two little brothers 5&7).The sad part is I bet he has a pretty large following.

    Yachting events for banners....ROFL
    Reformation of Germany..........ROFL
    Wants to talk to Bill Gates and the Dhali Lama???...ROFLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!
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    Kimble has been full of himself for awhile, and even back when the YIHAT was really active, he said that no one could stop the group, they are uber, etc etc. He's a load of bull at times and isn't what he says he is. Thanks for the humor though, prodikal. I needed a laugh while still being in shock (see frontpage).
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    no offense, but his name is freakin kim..... hes a loser

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    I thought he was in trouble with the law not to long ago?
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    Yeah, something in germany I think..

    can't remember the whole story though
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    Well, all I can say is that he dates back probably further than most people might want to think, and I think a lot of the "humor" or "content" is fairly tongue-in-cheek... I mean, I recall seeing him back when the main means of communication on the net was usenet, way back before canter and siegel, and before the time of "dedicated links" were even a pipe dream to most companies (anyone remember UUCP and its siblings? *shiver*). Geez, I'm dating myself now... not sure which was worse, him or kibo. HeHe
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