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    Stupid Galore

    I was working as a Techie so 2 years back when I got this call from a guy saying his TV is not working. Very angry cause he just bought it. After a while I found out that the TV he was referring 2 was his Monitor, so... I asked him if the monitor is switched on, didn't how 2 so I told him how to coming back saying still not working-no display. Asked if the little light of the monitor is working he said NO! I then asked if the cable is plugged in and he replied:"I can not see" assuming that the computer is in a very difficult place 2 c the cables I then told him to follow the 2 cable's from the monitor to the pc and check 2 c if they r plugged in. All well and plugged in but no light on monitor, then I asked him if the pc is on and he replied how do I know if the pc is switched on? Look @ the light's..bla bla bla...he replied no lights were on. Then next question was is the pc plugged in he then replied:"I can not see" Follow the cable from pc to plug and c if plugged in, all well he said, Million dollar question was is the wallplug working, he replied as follows:"Of course the plug does work but we r currently experiencing a power failure"


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    this really reminds me alot of a tech call that got someone fired when someone called and said a very similar thing and the girl was typing a paper and the power went out.

    this really reminds me alot of a tech call that got someone fired when someone called and said a very similar thing and the girl was typing a paper and the power went out.

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    I had heard variations of this story for years and always thought it too stupid to be real until something similar happened to me.

    Several years ago I worked as a slot tech, driving all around town repairing video gaming machines when they malfunctioned. One evening I was getting slammed with calls when this call came in.

    Half of our machines just quit working. I asked a few questions on the phone, but realizing that I was dealing with someone that had no clue I moved them to the top of the list, changed direction and drove to their location. At this point I made the foolish mistake of assuming that perhaps the brainbox in a group of progressive machines had went haywire and screwed up a section of machines.

    I entered the casino and noticed that one entire area of the casino was dark nothing was working. Being the ever diligent tech and having to back up my work on paper I stuck my meter into a socket to verify that there was no power to the outlet, jotted down that I had made the check in my notes and then tried to explain to the bartender that the reason the machines were down was because there was no power to that entire section of their casino.

    How long will it take you to fix I am then asked. I had to explain that I was a slot tech and not an electrician and I would not be fixing their electrical problem. I then found out that I was an ******* and evidently did not know what I was doing.

    I made sure to give my bosses name and phone number to the gentleman at the bar before leaving and suggested that he call his boss and let him know what was going on. From that point on I realized that electricity is a mystery to some people that will never be understood.

    Gosh thinking of that makes me think of the time I was repairing a main board in a keno machine when a cat fight broke out... Writing down in my notes that the machine was not fixed because the only chip that I had was trampled when the mob ran over the top of me to see the action.
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    i used to work as sales , once a customer from the country side called me asking angry:

    why i don't have a cup holder , and the discussion went for more than 30 min.
    and he was talking about the cd-rom drive lol
    he saw it opening somewhere at store and he thought it's a cup holder.
    that was crazy.

    and another customer when pentium II was first to market , he came to our company asking for a
    "benetton 2000" insteaqd of P II .
    when u work in sales we are used to these kind of poor knowledge peeps.
    the hard part is to control ur temper and try not to fall down from laughing.
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