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Thread: Virus or Trojan?

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    Question Virus or Trojan?

    My computer is really screwed up. I log on and its ok, for 30 minutes. When i log on to AOL all hell breaks loose. I can't move my mouse, i can use my keyboard though. I used a program to moniter the traffic in and out. I wasn't on any website and i was using maximum bandwidth still! Im guessing this is a trojan, but i was wondering what ya'll think. I can't wipe out my computer and reinstall windows, because first i don't have the reboot disks, second i do all my banking on the PC, third i own a business and all my files are on the PC. I can't back-up on floppies because it'll take to long, and take millions of floppies. I don't have a CD Burner. Anyways, if u have some advice thanks in advance!


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    Question Virus Scanner

    Do you have some virus scanning software installed? If so, have you kept the virus definitions files up to date?

    Can you actually onto the internet? If so, you can try to download a trojan scanner. If you visit Blackcode.com\scan you can do an online scan for open ports on your PC and trojans. It does take a while, and I'm not sure how good a scan it does, but it's probably worth the while. Let me know how it turns out!

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    I won't pretent to be the most knowledgeable person here, but I do two things whenever something "suspicious" is happening on my machine.

    1. What was the LAST thing you did before you noticed the problem - meaning what did you download, what site did you visit, what app. did you close, did you exit a trial version of anything, etc, etc.

    2. This is especially if I suspect a trojan - do a search for all files, look at ONLY today (or whenever you first noticed you problem), then, compare that list against a list from BEFORE you had the problem. Look for really large HTML files or anything that looks out of the ordinary. This is one quick way to check for questionable files.

    Hope this helps.

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    What OS you're running, ram, connection type might be helpful. As well antivirus software that you have.

    Only knowing what you've stated, for a solution, get something like Partition magic, or do a search on how to create partitions on your hard drive. And then move all your documents/files to the new partition, reformat your primary partition, and reinstall your OS...

    That's all I can provide for now...
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    Well we all know AOL sux and ..... That's that. Are you running Aol's crappy proprietary software? I've known several ppl who had the same problem until they changed ISP's. Does AOL still use their own client/ protocol? If so you'll probably have to scrub those also. Haven't had much personal experience with AOL in 8 yrs or so, so that's the extent of the help I can offer.

    Oh BTW, did I mention that AOL sucks?

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    Im running Windows 98 second edition. I have a anti-virus. I should have put this in:
    I boot with my Norton anti-virus, up-to-date, and I found 146 Viruses on my comp. I deleted them all. My comp ran fine for a while, then i ran my online banking thing and it screwed up again. So i ran norton and found 16 more viruses/trojans. I deleted the. The samething happened, only norton couldn't find any viruses/trojans/etc. I'm oretty sure i have 64 MB of RAM. I don't know my connection type, i know i just log into AOL 56k. Not broadband. I don't remember when this first started it was sometime during this summer. If i can't do anything i'll have to transfer the files from that comp to this comp, its that i don't know if any of those files are corrupted or infected. Thanks for the replies!

    I know AOL sux, thats why im getting COX highspeed cable. Its just these files are really important, and i don't know if its worth the money for cable.? Once again thanks for the replies.

    Oh and one more thing if this helps, im running AOL 6.0, i can't download 7.0, or 8.0 becuase like i said its toooooo slow.

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    check here for the ...

    i advice everybody to see this webpage .
    althought it is small but it has alot of links to the most useful issues.


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    Dont use AOL problem solved, Buy a used cheap cd burner... problem solved. Try and install a up to date virus checker if it finds something clean it, problem solved.

    slacker im sorry but how will any of that stuff help our on this guys problem just a few linux mans.??

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    Just for interest .. Just what were the virii that were found/removed/returned? Perhaps it may be more than just a recuring virii, perhaps a registtry key that isn't being repaired during the virus removal.. hence the return.. (had a customer with that problem with Brasil.exe......)

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