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Thread: Problem Setting up W2k

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    Problem Setting up W2k

    I got a little problem, here is the scenario.
    I have 3 PCs at home with W2k pro. 1 of them has 2 NICs, the Network is configured with the address 192.168.0.x. Th 2 NICs in the "main" Computer have y That PC is capable of accesing the other 2, but they can't access each other.
    Every time i try to access 1 of the PCs from any of the others, it asks me for a Login and Passwd.
    We had WinXp, and It automatically created a kind of bridge for the 2 NICs, and everything worked just perfect(If I may say so, considering I'm working with Window$), but we had to change for some reasons...
    What can I do for the 3 PCs to access each other, and without them having to ask everytime for login and Passwd?
    Any suggestions are welcome,
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    file and print sharing enabled?
    make sure same account name/password are on all pcs.
    make each account an administartor
    make them all the same workgroup

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