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Thread: Internet Explorer Problem

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    Angry Internet Explorer Problem

    hello everyone,

    my internet explorer (version 5 ), is giving me a damned problem.
    i am running on windows 2000 (professional).
    Whenever i open one window, it works fine.
    now when i open multiple windows, it gives an error message and closes down all the windows , here's the error message :

    iexplore.exe has generated errors and will be closed by windows.You will need to
    restart the program.

    An error log is being created.

    This really bugs me as all my work gets off all at once.
    Ive tried searching antionline forums, no solution yet.

    This, i think, started happening from the day i increased my remember history length to 99 days. Now when ive put it to as low as 10, the error still hasnt ceased to occur.

    If somebody knows, please come up.

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    Have you tried to install IE6 with all the latest updates and patches?
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    no vanman, i guess ill hafta do that

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    Yeah, your going to have to do that... and scan for virii. I once got that message (while ago) and found there is a key in the registry called "iexplorer.exe" in the Run section. Turn's out, it was some form of malicious code (trojan, virii, spyware, etc) and I deleted it. So definitely get the updates, but do a Virus scan when your done. Hope I helped!
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    thank you spyder, ill try that

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    You've probably already done this... Cleared your tempory internet files as well as cleared out your cookies..
    and what did the error log say?
    you may have a parasite prog that found its way in coincedently with your changes..

    Just a couple of thoughts..

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    hello undertaker

    oh yes, ive done all that.
    If you want to have a look, i have also attached my error log.

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    alright, ive got the solution guys
    since i didnt have IE 6, i installed the latest of Netscape, that is Netscape 7, today , for a change i just tried back IE, and to mah surprise, it worked fine.
    So the next time anyone has a problem with IE, they can install netscape, and IE will get jealous and get itself right :-|

    by the way, has any tried Netscape 7 ? it rocks man, it's really better than Internet explorer.
    give you current status of page load in %, gives you the seconds in which the page loaded, and if you minimize, it comes up again as soon as the page is fully loaded.

    nice look too.
    any opinions ?

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