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Thread: ip for server

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    ip for server

    I'm trying to connect to irc via my school lab. But I dunno how to get ip adderess for the server or firewall I guess. I dunno may be someone posting this post before because when I searh I can't find any and same to yahoo.com. May be I can get the ip if I can go to lan->properties->tcp/ip->properties. But damn the admin, I can't go there coz I need admin privelges. So any dos command to check the ip. I try using netstat -an and try the ip adderess the but it say(in irc) "unable to connect to firewall".

    Any help will be much appreciate. Thank you.

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    Hmm, sounds like your having trouble getting on irc. Instead of messing around with dos, privledges and such, you might be better off to find an irc gateway such as www.schematic.org/irc.php or http://www.sirioweb.bbk.org/cgi-bin/irc/ircgi/irc.cgi to connect using cgi or php instead of the usu 6667 port, plus you run less of a risk of getting into hot water by messing with areas of the network that the admin has deemed off limits.
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    I might be way out here(apologies)but here goes .Can't you try use winipcfg, and click on it's advanced properties?Sorry but I am not that good in networking yet, but i am getting there.

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    newer versions of Windows don't use winipcfg. if it's something like Win98, sure it'll have it, but WinXP and i think Win2k don't.

    in your command prompt, ipconfig will show you your IP and subnet and all that other wonderful jive. the only thing is, you more than likely have a private IP address, which is 100% useless to you when you're trying to connect to stuff like IRC.

    i'd say just wait the couple of hours to get home and use it. screwing around with another net admin's settings is strictly forbidden in that profession, so some student who might not know what he's doing would not exactly be entirely welcome.
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