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    Question How hacker could..?

    hi! I m somewhat security conscious. I usually wonder how hacker could hack in others systems using open ports. There are more than 65000 ports.I know the method of lmhost file but it works only when shared ports are opened (Correct me if i am wrong) but what about remaining ports? How one could hack in my system using any other port except netbios ports. I use win98 OS.
    Note:- I need no advise about saving my system like installing firewalls etc.

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    Well, on most ports there are services, and in all services there are vulnerabilities or flaws. Generally, they try to use an exploit or they actually exploit the vulnerability to gain access to a system. Some times, ports can also be used for Trojan ports, holding backdoors on them. That wouldn't be good, because if you have the OoOoga Trojan on your computer, he see's you have it through a port scan, then he can get the client and then your screwed. From there, he has total control over your computer. These are just a few of the many ways a hacker can break in, but you get the general idea.
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    First an attacker must find an open port accepting connections (ex ftp, http, and netbios). If you haven't already you might want to do a port scan of your computer from http://grc.com/default.htm. This will tell you what ports are open and excepting connections. I also suggest you try a security scanner such as nessus and see if that turns up any security issues on your system.

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    you only have open ports where you have services listening. personal web server is a service commonly installed by new computer users. right out of the box it comes complete with its own "dot dot transversal". some may be even more obliging and install front page extentions.
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    Security Scan - Sygate Online Services (sos)

    or you can go here and do some more indepth scans on your system

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    Hackers ussually attacked the open port of your computer and it is easy for them if your NETBIOS are enable or you enable the print and file sharing in case of the other ports they examine and see if there are some flaws or bugs on the ports of the victim they try to examine it and find a way or other way where they might get an access on the victims computer they ussually check what the victim has in his computer then plan on their attack there are 65000 port it means there so many ways to gain access on your victims computer especially when your victims doesn't have that kind of knowledge in his computer ... this is just my view hope this help you and if i made a mistake you can pm me and tell it i will appreciate it thanks

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