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Thread: ispo upgrade and checkpoint

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    Question ispo upgrade and checkpoint


    my question is quite simple : is it possible to upgrade a nokia box under IPSO 3.2.1 to IPSO 3.5 without any modification to the checkpoint configuration?

    Thanx in advance for the response.


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    For a simple question, I will give you a simple answer.....yes

    However, what version of Checkpoint are you running?

    In order to do this, download the latest IPSO image from Nokia and place it on an ftp server. You will then go the command line on your Nokia and run the command 'newimage -i' and just follow the prompts. It will then ask you what you want to do with the newly installed image. My advice would be to test boot the image to make sure everything is OK.

    After the test boot, log into Voyager --> config --> manage IPSO images

    Choose the new IPSO image and set it as the default boot image. If you need to revert back, all you have to do is go back and check the button for the old image and reboot. It is as easy as that.

    If you have any questions, send me an email <>

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    My checkpoint version is 4.1 sp2 and I will soon upgrade to ng.

    Thanks a lot for this clear answer.


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