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Thread: achtung is it a virus/trojan/keylogger?

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    achtung is it a virus/trojan/keylogger?

    I downloaded this program here under the keyloggers section and installed it. No read me was included. The program was running because it was listed in the task list. I wouldn't think that would be a feature you would want in a keylogger. I searched around for a while and just about every site I found listed achtung as a trojan horse. I then ran over it with nav and guess what? Every single file that I had downloaded from here was listed as either a virus, trojan, etc. I can see how some of the files might fit but a port scanner? Maybe I miscounted the number found. Of course achtung the trojan could be different than achtung the key logger that shows up in the task list screaming "here I am!" That was in fact the only place it seemed to show up as any log file that it might have been producing was more concealed than the actual program. Must be a switch somewhere I didn't flip. I removed it at that point and thought I would ask around even though the answers relating to past posts regarding achtung have been rather mysterious. I'm sure it is a feature packed wham-doodler of a keylogger and I have just missed the fun of spending an hour or so getting it to dump its flashing log file on the desktop and play a wav that says "Hello, I am achtung! I am logging all your keystrokes and e-mailing them to billybob@dungheap.org. Have a nice day!"


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    Some keylogers have a client which listens to a server part of it which logs and sends the data. Kinda like how sub7 clients send commands while the servers listen and obey and the fact that it might be takeing advantage of your browser and mailing things like a worm doesn't help....

    This can make some AV go crazy but if your havein problems or are being spied on then why not just get rid of it.

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