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Thread: Router/DHCP/Gateway/Firewall appliance

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    Router/DHCP/Gateway/Firewall appliance

    mmm okay... so say that theres this fictitious big cable tv provider... hehe... and this customer wants to divide that big fat 1.5MB pipeline amongst a desktop for f/t use and a laptop for p/t use... and the customer realizes that you need to have the same MAC address to get an IP address on the provider's network. Could the customer theoretically throw up a router that has a configurable MAC address... and solve everything? And who would make such a product?

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    linksys dsl/cable router
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    I think the Linksys home routers have configurable MAC address, or you could set up a linux box as a router and set the MAC address. That way the router/linux box is on the providers network and your machines connect to that.

    That should work.
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    Another decent brand is Dlink dsl router/firewall/dhcp sever.

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    Linksys kicks ass.. .that what i use for my whoooole office.. optonline must hate me

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    Yep, it's already been said but a Linksys/D-Link, whatever router/switch will do the job just fine.. It uses NAT so that any machine behind the router gets a local network IP address and the router assumes that one address given to the customer by the cable company. Although you can configure the MAC address on the router, you don't have to...

    The router handles all of the routing and such so that packets are sent to the correct machine behind the router...

    It works like a charm...
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    i use dlink and have never had a prob. it will also set its own mac to the first machine on the network or which ever one u confirue it with
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    I have a queston for the group. I have a situation with a product I work with. It is a server based system, that downloads medical devices from floors via terminal server devices(Moxa boxes) the server was Hacked and infected with a Trojan. The Moxa's went into a broadcast frenzy causing DOS within the network. Is it possible for the Moxa's to be infected?

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    FYI on the d link you will want to upgrade the firmware asap because there is some problem with being able to access it very easily and being able to get the admin passwords and such with little effort. Someone mentioned this in a thread in the last couple weeks too, just keep your eye open when you do it
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