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    US Government Flunks Cybersecurity Audit...Again

    In a story found here:

    The US has failed, yet again, to meet cybersecurity snuff. Here are some of the article's highlights:

    Government agencies that oversee military forces, prosecute criminals, coordinate emergency response efforts and set financial policy all received failing grades from congressional investigators.

    The Department of Transportation, whose computer systems guide commercial aircraft and allocate millions of dollars in highway funding, received the lowest score, 28 out of a possible 100.

    Of the 24 government agencies surveyed, 15 received failing grades, while only three received a grade of C or higher. Six agencies improved their ranking over last year, but six others had lower grades.

    It always amazes me that no matter what you tell CEO's/managers/bureaucrats about the dangers of cyberattacks, and the volume of data at risk, they still don't pay enough attention to security. Even after a string of cyberattacks lately, no one seems to care much more than they did.
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    US government fails cybersecurity audit

    Ahhhhhhh, a million miles of red tape in them "thar" government offices. They have to get ungummed first and that takes a lot of time. Auntie
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