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Thread: Vice City

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    Vice City

    Man this game is the best!!! How many people got this game? You can do everything in this game!!!
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    Yeah, it's not half bad. I got it the day it came out and it has some pretty neat new features and add-on's to the game. Many are going to call it the "Game of the Year" but I dunno.. I've seen better games, with a harder difficulty and more of a replay value.
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    I'm pretty sure anyone here who has a PS2/PC and is an active gamer probably as a copy, seeing as its possibly one of the best selling games ever! It actually took me a few weeks to find a copy becasue local stores were selling out of them fast.

    A side note, since this is about Vice City, does the PC version support multiplayer yet?
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    It does have good graphics... is better than the 1st one 2 but is still kool cause u can ride helicopters and stuff like that and it gets addictive
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    I can not say that i have this game, but i do have friends that have it and i played it with them. I give this game a 9.5 because i just didn't like the way they tried to dispplay the enviroment of many goups out there, and example, will be the Haitian gang, I am not from Haiti but i didn't like the way they made their home time look. I mean it sounds like i am bi**hing about it, but really think about it a lot of Haitians over here was really offended by it. I love the game because the I loved the first one.

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    Did I miss something? I thought it was a site about network security not about some game review? Even in the past while there is some mention of games points were not usually given for the user review. I think even in the general area this is way off any network or security isse mark. Nope did not hand out points just made mine what made this site was not talk about gamez but real life network issues, software security issues and securing your system
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    Its a cool game. I havent tried any missions yet only played a few times. I just caused a rukus.
    Anyways I like how you can blow out tires and shoot people as their driving there cars. Also many many wepons in this game and Im down with the military black hawk style helecopter with missiles and ****
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    Palemoon :

    From what people have told me in the past (moderators) the general chit chat is for ANY kind of chatting one wishes to talk about. I mean this is not related to computer security, but if you look, at least 30% of the posts in this forum are not related to security at all. IMHO it was put here so that people could talk about whatever.... If you wanted a forum for only computer security, should've been labled: General Computer Security Chit Chat, but it's not.
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    cross, Palemoon, I agree with both of you, it should have been labeled General Security/computer Talk if you didn't want posts like this. But then agian...this isn't a video games forum. Anywho...I've only seen some one play Vice city, but what I saw look great. I'll give it a 9. /me goes to buy PS2 and Vice City... anyone wanna give me money. *asks "mom" can I have 400 dollars. *

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    I agree cross. It isn't like we are wasting other people's time or having to sacrifice something important to wright an opinion on something interesting. And LilDragonon didn't mislead by calling the title "Hard Drive Destroying, email virus" or somthing like that. He named it "Vice City" and if you don't want to read about video games, then don't click on the link! Anyway, I still haven't had the pleasure of playing the game yet only GTA3.
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