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Thread: stupid hoax...

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    Talking stupid hoax...

    "you didn't deserve the negs for this but a word of advice, change your mood, bitching doesn't help, and stop making posts with 1 line, your last 20 posts average about 1 line per post, if it's pointless than don't feel the need to post" I wasent bitichin all i was asking was how are they benefitting from making this website?

    "ethical or not this site has nothing to do with hacking.... take you lame crap somewhere else. You stupid "h@x0r" wannabe...... " I never said that website was mine and i never said anything about hacking. But ok you got your wish...

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    The site claims the "hack" must be done with a boxfrog e-mail address. Sounds kinda bogus if you ask me. They just want people to sign up for e-mail addresses.(more visitors = more $$$$)
    Plus you get lots of popus when you try to close it, so they are making even more $$$$$ that way.
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    Yeah it's a marketing scam of sorts. It looks as though boxfrog themselves or someone acting on their behalf set up the webpage to attract the kiddies looking for ways to break into hotmail. As soon as I clicked the link and closed the new window it opened, about 5 pop-up windows opened. These company's have been getting sneakier in trying to get people to see their ads, I was sent a link for a "Thug game" just yesterday from outwars, I believe that was the website name, and it claims to be some kind of game but when you visit you just get a lot of pop-up ads and the person who sent you the link gets credit towards a contest.
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