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Thread: Binary tree

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    Binary tree

    Can you help me with the binary tree,,,,,,,,,, Please explain me in the technical terms, how does it searches.

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    Found a very simple definition here:


    For others a google search for "Binary Trees" brought up a number of sites (hint hint).
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    Yes, you can get all you need for a definition by searching google. :-)

    My definition (over-simplified) is that a binary (search) tree is a better data structure (non-linear) for searching really large amounts of information. It's much faster than, say, searching an array (linear data structure). In a binary tree, beginnning at the root node, each node has a pointer that can point to two other nodes - child nodes...ahhh it's a little involved to explain here, but not a difficult concept.

    What is it that you are doing?? Do you have a book? Just curious.

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