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Thread: Soundcard problem

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    Soundcard problem


    I have windows XP and when we installed it, it worked good, but after a while my computer started missing the file krnl286.exe, so i installed windows XP again, without removing any of my files, or unstalling the old XP, when i installed XP everything worked, except my Soundcard!
    The computer says it work correctly and that it's installed, but when i try to play an mp3 i get an error!

    Does anyone know a solution except formatting my harddisk?

    Thanx, MetalMaggot

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    Do you know what kind os sound card do you have? so you can go and check the manufacturer website and download the newest driver for windows XP
    I think that will be my first shot
    good luck!
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    Re: Soundcard problem

    Originally posted here by MetalMaggot
    but when i try to play an mp3 i get an error!
    Will you please write down the error message and submit it here? then we can help you more. But I guess it is because your sound card driver hasn't installed or installed correctly. So install your soundcard's driver.
    Another suggestion : the best way of reinstalling an OS is to clean intalling.

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    What I'm thinking is that the driver might have installed, but not correctly, telling the computer that the drivers are there, and that it is running fine, but in fact it ain't. Reinstall just the soundcard and it should correct the problem.

    Like Unleashed said, unless you give us specifics, we have no choice but to give generic solutions with assumption corrections.

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    Remove the soundcard adapter in your system folder in controll panel.Click on the sound and multimedia , click on the souncard, click properties,click remove.Restart and let windows detect it again .My guess is it is installed twice and trying to allocate recourses twice for the same thing.

    Hope it helps
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    check your aound card adapter and check your sound player, or try tio install a new audio driver

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    I had the same problem when I first installed XP Pro... Go to the manufacturers website and download teh newest drivers for your sound card and install them (Sound Blaster 5.1 is about 10.5mb) once that is done go to the Windows XP update site and have it do a search you should get yet another updated driver (if you are using Sound Blaster) download that and your problem should be solved.
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    Get both the manufactures patch and the Windows Patch. That should do it.
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