Hello to every body that uses antionline i am a new member my name is D.0.C or D0C if you prefer.
My current OS is redhat 7.3 upgraded from 7.2 i am happy with redhat but i am hesitating to upgrade to 8.0 because most of the .0 distros of any OS are buggy that's why i tend to stay away from the first realease of a new OS.I am also learning to program in C so please forigive my ignorance if i ask any stupid programing questiond i am not past the whole hello world program in C because basically i want a better understanding of the language than most amature tutorials that dosent dive in to depth of each command you give.So if any one know's any good newbie tutorial and i cant stress newbie enough i would greatly apreciate a post to this thread or a private message sent to me on antionline.
The reason i came here is because i want to be more security consious on my redhat box i have read the FAQ and the Ultimate newbie FAQ posted by ennis.So in closing i would like to say thanks for having me here at this wonderful site and i am looking forward to answering questions and recieving answers no matter how simple the questions i ask because all you smart people here know what you are doing with computer's so i hope to speak and hopefully become friend's with some people here once again thank for having me