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    Where can I find a C++ compiler for Win?

    Hey everybody, I am learning C++, and i am having the gardest time with it because i do not have a compiler to compile some sample codes with. If anybody knows where i can get a good compiler for Windows, please let me know, i can really use the help at this momoent.

    Thank you.

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    dev-c++ from bloodshed software


    or GCC from:

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    List of compilers
    Hope this helps. Yeah i am trying to learn c++ too but it is so difficult! good luck!
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    You can try out this site.

    Borland Compiler

    Good luck!

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    There's also http://www.cygwin.com/ <-havent tried it yet
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    dspeidel, cygwin rocks.. it is realy made up of 2 components:

    the cygwin1 dll and a complete GNU enviroment, it's like GNU-linux without the linux (kernel)

    you can ls and df in your bash, on your windows box

    and if you add c:\cygwin\bin (or wherever you installed cygwin \bin) to the paths in autoexec.bat, you can use all the GNU tools in your DOS box..

    cygwin is IMHO the bet thing to ever come from the RedHat ppl...
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    Public Access C Compiler... This is really Cool...

    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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